Tips For Maintaining Your New Garage Door

Whether you just had a new garage door installed due to failures with the previous one, or you simply wanted to upgrade your home's curb appeal, you will want to make it last a lifetime! At Garage Doors Plus More, our experience has taught us that with proper maintenance, your new garage door will function great for years to come!



Plan to inspect your new garage door every six months to a year. Our team can give helpful tips for inspecting your garage door when you schedule any of our garage door services. Catching a problem before it becomes serious, and scheduling with our repair services, can save you from costly replacements.


Test Monthly

Testing your new garage door is another method to keep it operating smoothly. Test the safety of your garage door by ensuring that the motion sensors are accurate, the opener performs well, the spring is in good condition, and the remote control opener works. If you find an issue during one of your monthly tests, contact Garage Doors Plus More in the Michigan/Indiana area to get a repair quote!


Regularly Clean

When we say to regularly clean your garage, we promise we don’t mean the clutter that we all keep in our garages! Washing the door specifically to get rid of dirt and debris can extend your new door's lifespan. It will also keep your new garage door looking fresh for longer!


Schedule Routine Repairs

If you find any issues with your garage door during these steps, get a quote for repairs with Garage Doors Plus More’s garage door services! Common repairs that you may need are tightening bolts, adjusting the spring, or repairing the garage door opener. Our garage door pros can surely fix these issues, or anything else!

Garage Doors Plus More is a family business that cares for you, like you’re family. If your new garage door needs maintenance or repairs, contact us today!