Can you repair a garage door opener motor?

Yes, usually we are able to repair your garage door opener’s motor. We can do this unless your garage door opener has a motor that’s too old or damaged. In this case, we will suggest garage door opener replacement.

How do I know my garage door opener might break?

Here are signs that your garage door opener may break: squeaking or grinding noises, the garage door moves slowly, the garage door opens or closes on its own, and if the opener is reaching 15-20 years old. If you are encountering any of those problems with your opener, schedule garage door opener repair quickly.

Do you perform reverse door checks?

Yes, in standard service, we can perform these door checks to test the safety mechanism of your garage door sensors. We’ll place a piece of wood underneath the garage door and see if it will reverse when it hits the wood. If it does not, we’ll repair your garage door sensors to ensure your garage door will operate safely.